Music Lovers Records is a record store in central Gothenburg, we always offer a wide range of both rarities and classic titles. Our focus is mainly on experimental music, jazz, progg and electronic music, but we also have a good selection of hard rock, punk, pop/rock and classical music.

Buy & Sell records

If you have records you want to sell then you are welcome to the store with them for a serious assessment and valuation. At larger collections We also do home visits. We have good experience of buying large collections from all over Sweden and we always pay good.

We have a large part of our range posted on Discogs. It is of course possible to place an order and pick up the disc in the store to avoid shipping costs. 

Find Us

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 11 – 18

Saturday 11 am – 5 pm


Phone:  +4670-390 63 90

Musiclovers Records


Design: EE – Koma Disko

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